Thursday, January 6, 2011

The purpose of this Blog

This blog will attempt to explore various aspects of the truth about God, man and the world through the eyes of popular culture.  In this sense, theologians, philosophers and artists can each consider many of the same questions - but under a different light.  I hope to cover the major transcendental ideas such as oneness, truth, goodness and beauty.  I also expect that we will explore aspects of the three theological virtues: faith, hope and love.  In addition, I expect we will take a look at a variety of natural virtues as well as their opposing vices.  Finally, I expect that we will touch on a variety of related themes such as happiness, freedom, peace, sin, grace and eternal life.

It is my intent to build a kind of "collection of art" that will reflect aspects of a true and authentic humanism.  True humanism recognizes the transcendent dimension of man and employs an open exchange between the lights of both faith and reason.  With this criteria in mind I hope to promote in some small way the goal of integral human development.  Finally, in addition to my own personal enjoyment, this blog is open to all those in pursuit of the true and the good.

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